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Things you should know before hiring a moving company


Once they have your things on their truck, you must pay the charges before they unload. Moving is more complicated then it appears and can be very stressful; realize you will be giving everything you own to people that you do not know, so you must be careful before you hire a mover. Hiring a licensed mover is very important; however you will avoid needless aggravation and stress by selecting the right company, one that comes to your home and prepares an honest estimate, not just a low price.

Select the right Mover:

Get references from friends, family or co-workers that you trust, and then verify how long the companies have been established. Request the mover come to your home to perform a visual survey and quote a price; it’s free. Don’t accept prices on-line or over the phone, they will be inaccurate. Visit the mover's facility if possible. Each mover should give you the legally required brochures which are different if you are moving local or long distance. You can verify if their license is current at our website listed below, go to ‘LINKS’.

How can I be sure I have an accurate estimate?

Show each estimator everything you want moved and have a written list of all the items to be moved and items that you expect the mover to pack. Ask the mover to include the price for packing large glass, pictures and mirrors that you can’t pack, as well as computers, TV’s and electronics; certain items may require custom crating in wood. If you are able to pack any of those items yourself before the move, you can request a revised estimate. Verify that your furniture will be wrapped in moving blankets for free. Movers charge for boxes, packing, tape, access, stairs and any extra stops. Moving does not include storage or delivery from storage unless it’s written on the estimate. Make sure each estimate has the same number of articles to be moved written on the mover’s survey. Unwritten delivery dates means ‘whenever it arrives’.

Can a mover change a written estimate?

Yes, even if it’s binding! The mover is allowed to change the price on moving day if any circumstances change that are not written in the original price such as if you added items or additional packing. Prices include only the services listed in writing on your estimate and moving only the items listed on the mover’s survey. Additional charges may be incurred if delays arise during your move such as waiting time or rearranging furniture. Movers usually require cash or certified funds before unloading. Have additional money available to pay any extra charges.

What is included for loss or damage?  

All movers must include minimum coverage of $.60 per pound per article for no charge; it’s not insurance, it’s their legal liability. You should consider additional coverage. Some movers may offer increased valuation coverage or insurance at additional cost. Check your homeowner’s policy or additional insurance through your mover or other insurer. Items packed by owner are not covered by insurance or legal liability.                           

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