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About Us

The New Jersey Warehousemen & Movers Association (NJWMA) was organized in 1969 to serve as the voice of the moving and storage industry in New Jersey, to provide leadership to licensed public movers, large and small, and to provide training for best practices and regulatory compliance, that builds consumer confidence when hiring a professional mover.

Any individual, firm, partnership or corporation engaged in the transportation of office or household goods with an office located in New Jersey, may become a member of this association, and we also check each company to assure:

  • They have a current public mover's license issued by the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs, and the business has been established continuously for a minimum of three years to initially join;

  • They must have and maintain an acceptable performance record with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs and any other regulatory agency governing our industry, and maintains a minimum rating of Satisfactory or better with the Better Business Bureau, with an acceptable record of complaints;

  • They have maintained a record of fair and honest business dealings with customers, fellow movers and associate members, and agree to adhere to the association’s Code of Ethics;

Code Of Ethics

Never participate in business practices with the moving public or members of the industry that are not in every respect fair and honest; 

Just treatment and integrity shall be adhered to in all dealings with the moving public and members of the industry; 

Working conditions and the welfare of all employees, shall be given the highest consideration with special emphasis on health and safety; 

Mutual efforts shall be pursued toward improvement and maintenance of high standards for our industry. 

Adherence to a policy of truth in advertising shall be followed; never making a public or private statement which cannot be substantiated or executed.

Circle Of Excellence Program:

The Circle of Excellence Movers Program was developed and administered by the NJWMA to recognize members that exceed the minimum required standards for membership. When searching our website for movers,  you can recognize those companies by the gold 'COE' symbol next to their name.
Click here for a list of Circle Of Excellence movers. 


Contact Us:

If you have a problem with a licensed mover, you should contact the company and give them the opportunity to resolve the issue. If the mover is a member of NJWMA, and you are not able to resolve an issue, we will contact them on your behalf. Send an email to tracy@njwma.org or call us at (732) 341-3934

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