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We are your trusted source for Licensed Movers


We are your trusted source for Licensed Movers



When you hire a mover, you enter into a legal contract. This website helps you find and select the right company. Avoid becoming a victim of a scam by researching local and long distance movers before you invite them into your home.

Make your decision based on comparing companies, not based on lowest price because trusting everything you own to people you do not know is an important decision.  This website will help you find movers and make the right move.

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All movers listed in this website have been pre-screened to assure that they are properly licensed and meet our high standards. The NJ Warehousemen & Movers Association is a reputable source for locating established moving companies. You can either call the movers directly or have movers contact you by phone or email
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Shipment Protection

What coverage is included when you move? Aren’t movers "Fully Insured"? It’s important to understand the basic terms of coverage that movers include with their rates and know what other options are available before moving day to protect your possessions.

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